Who we are ?

Based in Tbilisi, Georgia, NorthStar LLC. has specialized in the import, export and distribution of Nuts, Dried Fruits, Wine , Tea, Butter, Ghee, SMP, Milk & it’s Products. We source our products directly from the various countries of origin and supply to distributors and processing industries across Europe.

Our driven team of experienced professionals advise you on market trends, make sure the products meet the highest quality standards and ensure on-time deliveries at any place. We specialize in assuming every type of risk on your behalf, ensuring you can focus on your core business: distributing and processing Nuts, Dried Fruits, Wine , Tea, Butter, Ghee, SMP, Milk & it’s Products.

Our expertise

We smoothly navigate complex market environments where our organization can deliver added value. NorthStar LLC. assumes any operations involving any degree of risk on your behalf, so you can focus on your core business of distributing products.

We employ a three-pronged approach, as described below.

Risk Management

Managing risk is critical to your business. NorthStar LLC. can support you in this process by assuming the types of risks prevalent in our industry’s volatile markets. We closely follow these markets and can advise you on your purchasing strategy and on mitigating the risks associated with changing market conditions, both in the short and long term. In addition, we can play a role in hedging foreign exchange risk and financing your supply chain. We guarantee honest and objective advice because we believe in long-term partnerships.

Supply Chain Management

For NorthStar LLC., supply chain management starts with selecting our suppliers in the various countries of origin. We work with our suppliers to guarantee prompt shipment from the source. Together with our logistics services providers, we monitor shipments daily to ensure transparency of progress. We maintain stocks in Poland,Latvia,Georgia,Germany, making it possible for us to ensure just-in-time deliveries. Our systems enable us to track logistics information, the statuses of contracts and so on in real-time, so we can inform you about any logistics issues relevant at any time.

Quality & Food Safety

Our supply chain is fully certified to the ISO22000 Food Safety Management System, which focuses on maintaining the highest standards of safety and traceability. Our philosophy is based on offering the highest quality at the most competitive price. We also use a unique inspection system for more complex items, with our inspection team – based at the companies that produce our goods in Georgia, Iran, Armenia, Turkey, Latvia, Poland, India, China, Ukraine, Moldova  and Vietnam – sampling and analyzing random batches. We verify detailed reports (including images) before the goods are loaded into the container. This is how we guarantee the highest quality levels, so as to ensure you receive the goods in accordance with your specifications.