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UHT milk is obtained from raw milk standardized to a fixed fat then treated a sterilization process and aseptic packaging.


White to light cream colour, typical milk without foreign taste and odor.


Dairy foods, desserts, bakery, confectionery, ice-cream, milk drinks and other preferred use in food industry.


Natural flavor and taste, the great source of calcium and proteins, easy to mix with other products.

  • Protein (as is %) ≥ 3
  • Fat (%) ≤ 0,5 Or 1,5 Or 2,5 Or 3,2
  • PH ≤ 6,6
Protein 3%
Fat 3.2%
Country Of Origin: Italy,France,Poland,Ukraine,Germany
Minimum Order: 2 x 40’FCL – 50MT
Packing Options: 200ml ,250 ml,500 ml , 1,0 L ,1,5 L TetraPack
 Remarks: available with different Flavors (Vanilla, Cocoa, Chocolate, Strawberry)
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