Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF)

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Obtained from pasteurized cream by almost total elimination of water and non fatty solids. Pure grade is achieved by the proper technological process.


Pure and clean odor, free from abnormal flavors, uniform yellow colour, liquid or solid form.


Recombined dairy products, confectionery, bakery and pastry, ice-cream, sauces and spreads.


Gives natural dairy flavor and creaminess, the great source of pure milkfat, easy to mix with other products.

AMF Butter
Fat 99.8%
Moisture 0.2%
Free Fatty Acids 0.35%
Peroxide value/ mil per kg 0.2%
Country Of Origin: EU
Minimum Order: 40’FCL – 25MT
Packing Options: Drums 190-210 net or cartons 18-25 kg with inner liner
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