In-Shell Walnut

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NorthFood owns walnut plantations throughout Ukraine and purchases raw material from growers directly. At its processing lines at Kiev  the raw material is cleaned, dried and sorted under strict quality control. Capacity: on its in shell walnut processing lines the company processes around 3000 tons of in shell walnut annually.

Kernel Color Tolerance
Kernel Color Quality Classification
Extra Cat 1 Cat 2
Extra Light – Light ≥ 50% ≥ 30% ≥ 20%
Yellow ≤ 10% ≤ 20% ≤ 40%
Amber ≤ 10% ≤ 20% ≤ 30%


-Certificate of origin / EUR1

-Certificate of quality

-Certificate of weight

-Phytosanitary certificate

-Fumigation certificate

Any other certificates per customer requirement.

Country Of Origin: Ukraine
Minimum Order: 40’FCL – 21MT
Packing Options PP Bags
Recommended Grade: Jubo Large


-Humidity: max 8%
-Caliber: 27+ mm, 28+ mm, 30+ mm

Detailed specifications by request.

Mold & Yeast < 10.000 CFU / gr.
E. Coli < 500 CFU / gr.
Salmonella Negative in 50 gr.
Total Aflatoxins max. 4 ppb
Aflatoxin B1 max. 2 ppb
Nutritional Information
Energy 688 Kcal
Carbohydrate 4,1 g
Protein 17,9 g
Total fat 66,6 g
Fiber 7,2 g
Cholesterol < 0,1 mg
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