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▪ Most yellowish appealing colour range available in Irania
▪ Convenient for retail consumption.


Golden raisins are produced from the grapes which is SO2 treated during drying period. We keep max SO’2 level in the final product at 300 ppm in order to maintain its texture firm till the expiry date. SO2 level above 300 ppm will lead to damages on the texture.


  • Oil used : Durkex LC 200
  • Moisture content : 12%
  • SO2 : 300 ppm
Golden Raisins
Light Colour
Country Of Origin: Iran
Minimum Order: 20’FCL – 20MT
Packing Options Carton Boxes 5/10KG
Carton Branded Boxes 5/10KG
Retail Packing
Recommended Grade: RTU Grade
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